The Real Reason

You Hurt During and After You Run

— Coach Caroline, Team RunRX


I have been working with Valerie Hunt for more than 3 years. I am not a running coach. I'm a mindset coach, and I have not studied with Dr. Nicholas Romanov. Valerie Hunt has been a student of Dr. Romanov, founder of The Pose Method, for nearly two decades and is a Certified Level 4 Pose Coach. 

The elements of the Standard of Running are from The Pose Method. We give him full credit and highly encourage you to learn more about the method he created. RunRX is an addition to the basics of Pose (Pose, Fall, Pull) by using skill drills, strength training, and self-care to work through the basis of the Pose Method.

I remember the day very well, April 27, 2018. I was cleared to work out after having surgery on my knee 8 weeks before, and it was still hurting when I tried to run. I was introduced to Valerie Hunt, who had moved up from Austin, Texas to the Dallas area. I explained the surgery and told her where I was hurting, and she very briefly explained that I needed to think ‘up' and then let gravity bring my foot down.

“Don't think about the landing, just focus on pulling your ankle up along your support leg and think up, up, up.” Then I went out to run my lap and amazingly, I felt totally different.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a little.

I am a fifty-ish woman who started running back in 2010. I was about to start a new job in a different city and would be traveling a lot. I realized I needed a workout that I could do anywhere, so I started to run.

Like most new runners, I went to a running store where they watched me run on a treadmill, and then sold me a pair of shoes. I started to run regularly and put the goal of running a marathon on my bucket list. I won't bore you with what I did to start running, but let's look at how it felt…Hard. Defeating. It was difficult to breathe or keep up with people in the group I was running with.

Can you relate?

I remember more than halfway through my training I was told to run for 3 hours. I got about 1-22 hours out, and was ready to turn around when I realized I had only run about 7 miles…

| stopped to calculate what that meant for my marathon and realized I would be looking down the barrel of a six-hour marathon!

I started to cry and walked back to my car. I didn't run that first marathon, I decided to make it a half marathon instead.

I went on to run my bucket list marathon, and 3 more after that, but never broke the 5-hour mark.

You might be thinking… “Oh, that's why you had to have the surgery”…well no.

I decided to take a break from running, and while walking my dogs I was pulled off my feet, and it caused a tear in my meniscus. This brings me to my first meeting with Valerie Hunt.

Now if you have gotten this far, you are probably like me and have been following RunRX for a while, and have been trying to do the skills that she teaches. Maybe you've been trying to catch her weekly lives on Facebook, or have even gone through the 30-Day Reboot on YouTube.

So I want to ask you…how are you feeling about running??

  • Do you hear Valerie’s words in your brain shouting “UP, UP, UP!” when you run now?
  • Do you watch others running and now think “ouch” when you see these people like this

You might be asking yourself, “But wait, the RunRX method isn’t what we have been taught!”

We have been told to run we need: 

  • Cushioned shoes 
  • Knee braces 
  • To reach your leg forward 
  • To swing your arms
  • To just rest a little, and get back to pounding pavement (horrible advice by the way!)

You spent years in gym class doing high knees and butt kicks. So how can all these coaches and trainers be wrong??

Well, if you want I'll explain…Follow along with me as I share everything I’ve learned and bust the myths we’ve been taught for YEARS!

If you stick with me, I guarantee you that you will be provided with the answer to how to run pain free.

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  1. Everyone should be able to run, you just need cushioned shoes, and gear to keep your body together.
  2. We believe that a shoe store person wants to help you run pain free and not just sell you a pair of shoes.