Want to run pain free?

321Run is based on the Pose Method that teaches the fundamentals of the correct gait cycle. By working through teaching Pose • Fall • Pull, we are able to correct your form through skill training. Then we strengthen your body to maintain the skill and use self-care to work through the injury.

After working with us, you will be able to run any speed or distance pain free using skill, strength, and self-care.

Be part of the RunRX movement to help all runners RUN PAIN FREE.

Find out what's killing your run

Take this quick quiz to see what you're doing when you run that is keeping you in pain and possible injury; and what one thing you can do to correct it today!

Catch the RunRX Podcast

Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline talk about all things running… but as runners we know, running is 90% mental, so join us as we talk about mindset.

Valerie has been a strength and conditioning coach for 30+ years. She spent the first part of her career in a traditional gym as a personal trainer and aerobics director/teacher. In 2001 she left to open her own gym, XpressFItness, a group workout studio combining strength and endurance for runners ….