In just two months this could be you!
Running any distance, any speed... pain-free?

“I pondered it for about 2 weeks then went for the program. What a difference it has made. I have a hard time trusting the process or slowing down.

I decided I would trust the process through this program and did it exactly how it was laid out. It was easy to follow and not confusing like so many others I have tried.

I have tried at least 3 others and gave up because they were overwhelming and I saw no results. Fast forward to today. I ran 3.1 miles on some beast hills. I have no pain. My heart rate averaged 145!! And I felt so so good.”

Delcy – Current Student

This session starts on August 1st, 2022

Daily Skills, Strength & Self-care

We give you what you need to do every day for 30 days. Taking out the guess work of how to take the next step (pun intended).

Check-Ins on Your Pose•Fall•Pull

Along the way we will ask you to upload one of your drills to make sure you are understanding the movement. Like a coach watching you.

Weekly Interactive Zooms

Imagine being able to coach with Valerie without leaving your home. That's our zooms. LIVE coaching in real-time every week.

RunRX is like having a personal coach in your pocket!

Unbelievable that I’m in RUNRX a year and I didn’t visit my PT anymore, so glad that I’m here running pain free!
Student - Israel
Valerie is awesome teacher. She gives every details and explains everything that we need to know.
Master Runner
I spent years hunting for answers to why I had such a difficult time running. I stumbled upon RRX and gave it a try since nothing else had worked. I say without hesitation that that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Putting my trust in Valerie and training under her has 100% changed the way I run, the way I approach running, and my relationship to this sport. I'm so grateful every day I ran across her Instagram account.
Darci L
Current Student

What's inside the RunRX Immersion

Daily calendar on what you should be working on send to your inbox and located in a learning portal outside of social media.

Minimum of two video gait analysis, we highly encourage getting one when you first sign up, and then at the end of the program to see your progress. 

Focused coaching for the first 4 weeks with video check-ins along the way to make certain you are doing the movement correctly.

Weekly interactive zooms so you can be cued and corrected in real-time. 

Weekly mindset coaching to help with learning a new movement as well as mindset strategies for racing.

An additional month of working with Valerie in the ongoing RunRXStrong Membership, where you will continue to get running analysis, check-ins, interactive zooms and coaching.

These bonuses are yours to keep after the program ends.

Training plans include weekly strength workouts specifically for runners. Ranging from 5K – 100 Miles as well as triathlons. Includes a calendar to merge with your personal calendar to know what you should be doing each day.

Full workbook with the information taught in the Immersion so you can keep track of your practice and have a written understanding of the work you completed.

All video analysis and check-ins are yours to keep, it's through our programs and membership that you get these for your personal use. Live analysis done at clinics are not recorded. 

Ticket to the in-person clinic here in Dallas, Texas. You will work with Valerie in person for two days. Live gait analysis, t-shirt, running band, and tuneup balls to help with drilling and self-care.

Three months of Skills, Strength and Self-Care to keep you going even if you don't continue working with us. 


This session starts on August 1st, 2022
  • One Month RunRXStrong Membership after the 4-Week program ($99 Value)
  • Two video analysis ($394 Value)
  • 5K-100Mile Training Plans ($245 Value)
  • In-Person Clinic Ticket ($197 Value)
  • 90 Days of Strength for Runner Workouts ($300)

So... Any questions? Here's what other RunRX Runners have asked us about our program.

We give you a drill and self-care an a few times a week a couple of strength exercises. These should not add more than 15 minutes to any of your current workouts.

During the first 4 weeks it's like having a personal coach on hand daily. Valerie is very active in the group and encourages you to ask questions, check-in weekly and be on the zooms when possible.

Though she does lectures and answers questions in a Facebook group. All content is brought to a separate training portal. WIth the video check-ins uploaded and the zooms, you don't have to be on social to take full advantage of the coaching.

We will do what we can to accommodate all of the different time zones. This is why we will also make sure all content is recorded and questions answered. 

Great! What better time to correct the movement so that you don't get injured in the future!

No. This is the perfect time to come into the Immersion. We are doing very focused movement and we can modify to help you as you heal.

If within the first week you don't feel it's for you, and you've not sent in you gait analysis, then you may get a full refund. Due to the digital nature, once the gait analysis has been completed we cannot offer a refund, but I'm sure you won't need one. 

This program is much like any learning program you go to with your education or career. You will have access to the content that you download, but if you choose to not continue with the membership after your free month than access to the content will be removed.