If you answered a “HELL YES” to all of the questions, this final page will help you make a decision about your running.

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The RunRxStrong Membership

— Coach Caroline, Team RunRX

We’ve talked about the Pose Method and the three elements of POSE, FALL, & PULL – and after nearly two decades of teaching this method, Valerie has determined that you need to add SKILL, STRENGTH & SELF-CARE.

FIRST: Fix the movement by seeing what is incorrect, and use the SKILL work to reinforce the correct movement.

SECOND: Add the STRENGTH to help build the muscles and tendons to do the SKILL correctly.

THIRD: Use the SELF-CARE to get the blood back to the muscle and break up the scar tissue that is causing you pain.

All in tandem with the proper STANDARD OF MOVEMENT of POSE • FALL • PULL

The combination of learning how to run properly and the daily work that Valerie has posted about on social media channels for the past decade has helped thousands of runners.

By now you might have realized that what we are doing is different from anything you’ve seen before. 

We did this because we wanted to really help you see what is ahead of you and we are really looking for people that are ready to get serious about getting past an injury or not getting injured to begin with!


  • to give up what your running friends have told you about how to run and train?
  • to open your mind and be coachable.
  • willing to video yourself running and drilling so that your coach can properly correct you
  •  willing to get onto a zoom live at least once a month to check in on your progress
  •  willing to give us a minimum of 3 months to help you learn this new method
  • to stop beating yourself up for not ‘learning fast enough’ and complaining that you should be faster, better, different…. 

NEGATIVE talk DOES NOT help you run faster!

Here's a breakdown of what you get in the runrxstrong membership

VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS – having a coach watch you run and really helping you see the parts of the movement that are right and what needs to be corrected.

FACEBOOK LIVES – this allows you to ask Valerie questions, get feedback on the drills and training of the day.

INTERACTIVE ZOOM COACHING – we do these each week and are open to all members, and at least two times a month we do them on a weekend. You can talk with Valerie, work with her live and get corrected in real time! It’s like having a private lesson each week!

Currently we have less than 10 people on a zoom, and it is our intent to keep these small so that everyone can be coached.

TRAINING PLANS – Valerie has coached runners from 5K through 100 mile ultras and has created plans that run up to 12-Weeks, but she has also competed in and created plans for Triathlons, so you have a coach that can help correct your running but also help you with a plan for running, and a whole lot more.

SELF-PACED WORKOUTS – If you liked the 30 Day Reboot, we have added that as the underlying workouts for each month. They build on each other, so if you come into the membership and work on just those topics each day you will progress from awkward platypus to fun loving cheetah in the first 3 months, and then you can progress to other topics like, speed work, weighted strength training; all while having a coach that you can connect with daily!

COMMUNITY – we have grown our small but mighty community of like minded runners that come together to help each new member progress to the next stage. Whether you have a question for Valerie or want to know if anyone else has had a similar issue we are here for you!

Now to be fair you might have a few questions:

I am injured, maybe I should wait?

If you're injured, then this is the best time for you to get started. We will work with you so that you don't injure yourself further but come back stronger!

I don’t do social media (Facebook)?

Though Coach Valerie does the Q&A on social media (Facebook), we put those lives up to the training portal, which is it’s own website,  with closed captioning by about mid-afternoon each day. We are also using zoom to have an interactive experience and allow members to be coached by Valerie in real time. 

We work hard to respect our members desires to not be on social media.

Do I have to stay in the membership for 12-Weeks?

We have seen that runners just begin to get all aspects of the Pose • Fall • Pull at the 6 week mark, this is why we made the course 8-weeks. Our thought is if you can only afford to do one pass of the content, then we believe you must stay with us for 12–Weeks to get the best chance for lasting change.

I travel a lot. Will I be able to keep up?

Yes, this membership is about meeting you where you are. We all have life that gets in the way, so if you're traveling and don't have internet, come in when you get back!

I don’t have a track nearby or a lot of room in my house, how much space do I need?

Coach Valerie does the daily skills, strength and self-care in her normal sized garage and living room.  You really only need about 10 feet to do the work, if you have a driveway you can extend the skill drills to 10 – 20 feet.

I follow her free content, how is this different?

Well if you follow her you know that she's just giving you snippets of what you can do. In the course, we take you through the journey from beginning to end. We work with you daily to get you running pain free. The course puts the system together!


– but it can be a lasting fix if you put in the work


– you will be talking in a language that your friends won’t be. You will start to see how they are getting themselves injured, so you will want someplace you can come and they will ‘get you’


– we are all about running pain free, now as you begin to learn to fall and pull in response, you will get faster, it’s just how gravity works.


– if you do the work each day; even if it’s just the 3-5 minutes that Valerie presents and then check-in via gait analysis, video check-ins or zoom calls, you will completely change your running!

So…. as much as I can geek out talking to you all about Valerie and RunRX and all the ways it can change your running, and well your life… cause for me running is what brings sanity to my life.

It’s time for you to make a decision… you can stay where you are; injured, frustrated and in-pain.

Or you can join us and be one of our success stories… either way we hope you will continue to run…

…with joy.

…without pain.