With two decades of teaching running technique, Coach Valerie knows a lot about how to run without pain.

Coach Caroline works with Valerie on the mindset of the athletes in their membership.

Join them as they answer questions and talk about topics that many runners have asked and some that they don’t realize they should ask.

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Tough Love Tuesday | Unconscious Competence
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Ep 23 | Rollers Balls and Stretches Oh My
If you have “tight hips,” “tight hamstrings,” tingling in the legs, or other sores from running or even sitting - you’re going to want to tune into this episode. The pains you have might not be solved the way you think.
Tough Love Tuesday | Multitasking
In this quick episode, Coach Caroline dishes out a truth bomb you might not want to hear. Multitasking is a myth! Tune in and see if you agree.
Ep 22 | Heart Rate... I am gonna die
Am I gonna die doing the RunRX method? We hope not! But, you will feel discomfort. In this episode you will learn why you feel uncomfortable and when there is actual cause for concern.