What is the RunRX Podcast About?

In this episode, Coach Valerie and Coach Caroline discuss what the RunRX Podcast is, what people can expect from the future episodes, and share a little bit about their background.

You don’t have to be in pain as a runner. Caroline met Valerie when she was having knee surgery, and after one session with her she wanted Valerie to coach her because the difference she felt was like night and day. 

After three decades in the running business, Valerie wants you to know that you too can learn how to run pain-free.

Timestamps of big takeaways

  • [00:25] Official Welcome
  • [00:40] How long Valerie has been a full-time running trainer
  • [00:46] We learn when coaches Caroline and Valorie met
  • [1:25] Coach Valerie tells Coach Caroline the secret to running pain-free that would change Caroline’s running game forever, and explains that it was when she asked Valerie to coach her
  • [2:50] Coach Valerie explains when she started working with runners and how she first got into running, and discussing the first meetup groups that she led. 
  • [3:45] Coach Valerie explains how when she began as a running trainer she was really bad at it, and that everyone in her group started getting injuries. This was the catalyst for her to learn how to be a better runner and teach running
  • [4:20] Coach Valerie explains how she first became self-taught in terms of how to run correctly so she could teach others how to run pain-free
  • [5:00] Coach  Valerie shares when she learned a key element she was missing in her teaching by attending a live training
  • [6:12] Coach Caroline talks about how the RunRX membership coaching began, and why the podcast was a natural evolution of the coaching to explore the mindset behind running. She also shares what you can expect on the RunRX podcast
  • [8:07] Thank you for joining us for this first episode 

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