Two Decades of Coaching

Our mission is to help runners of all levels reach their training goals. From your first 5K to qualifying for Boston or going for ultra-distance, we will get you there! RunRX provides video demonstrations of skill drills as well as mobility and strength exercises. Our Facebook page is interactive and you can share updates, ask questions, and communicate with the coaches other RunRX athletes.

With over 20 years of coaching, we have found the right combination of distance, intensity, strength, and mobility to get you to the finish line of your race. We have all experienced injuries in our early years of training so we can relate! By realizing that we needed to learn how to move correctly and increase strength and mobility, we were able to get back to training and reach speed and distance goals. The best part has been to pass on what we have learned to our athletes and watch them enjoy the benefits in their running and racing.

Valerie Hunt

I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for 25+ years, specializing in running for 18, coaching all ages and abilities to learn to run, using the PoseMethod® of Running. I developed RunRX to give you the benefits of a ‘hands-on’ learning experience, online!

Gait analysis, 321Run, training plans all designed to help you reach your running goals! Whether you are new to running, ready to get back to running, or have been running for years, you will benefit from adding skill training, bodyweight strength, and mobility and flexibility exercises to keep you running at any speed or distance while staying pain free! All with interactive coaching support from me!